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Street: 99 Rua Salto
Post code: 13030-145
City: Campinas
Country: Brazil

Kalatec Automação

About Kalatec Automação

More than 30 years present in the solutions of Brazilian industries with innovative, low cost and quality offers for industrial automation. There are more than 15,000 unique leads annually. The numbers are impressive, 150,000 stepper motors sold, more than 25,000 installed servos and 4,500 trained customers. Recognized by DELTA TAIWAN as World Leader in Servo Motors sales and recognized by NEI Magazine, Kalatec is TOPFIVE Company 2019/2020 in the segments of Linear Guides, Linear Actuators, Ball Screws and Stepper Motors. Kalatec has its own headquarters in Campinas, São Paulo and Joinville, has a team of specialists with extensive market experience that engages with customers for innovative solutions. Our greatest value is employees and customers. We invest in personal development and constantly lead the team to reflections with market feedback and worldwide trends in management and behavior. We believe that a harmonious team and a healthy society is essential for quality of life, and to collaborate with small attitudes, Kalatec promotes reflection meetings among employees, continuous EAD training and debate platform. Customers have access to EAD Training for learning in PLC and SERVO MOTOR programming, access to MASTERCLASS with specialists and are invited to exclusive Workshops with current themes to the market. In society, we support and carry out Entrepreneurial Education events in our units and public schools.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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