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Street: Shop 7 24 Dunrobin Avenue
City: Kingston
Country: Jamaica

Klesing Industrial Supplies Ltda

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Klesing Industrial Supplies Limited was founded in 2002 as a solution to the lack of genuine industrial and automation products sourced locally and to solve the issue of companies being unable to quickly resolve or reduce downtime experienced during production. Since then, Klesing Industrial Supplies Limited has been one of the leading suppliers of Industrial Automation and Control Products and Services, satisfying the needs of many top named local entities.Over the years, Klesing has partnered with internationally renowned brands that have been recognized for being leaders in the worlds engineering industry. This partnership has afforded us the opportunity to offer our customers reasonable prices, faster delivery time, training by world class professionals and a warranty that can be beat by none.Klesing Industrial Supplies Limited has also placed a lot of emphasis on our youth and education. We have an annual seminar/ training session where we invite professionals and students within the industry to learn more about the world of engineering. We also have an internship and summer program, which has provided those who participate with the well needed experience to be successful in our industry.Klesing Industrial Supplies Limited, has continued to grow stronger each year, implementing innovative strategies and methods to better serve you and we are looking forward to being your choice for “Industrial Automation and Control Solutions”.

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  • Industrial Automation

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