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Street: 25701 370th Street
Post code: 55027
City: Goodhue
Country: United States


About Knobelsdorff

Knobelsdorff is a premier Electrical, Engineering, Automation and Renewable Energy team offering endless opportunities and innovative solutions to customers across North America. Ranked #126 in Inc. 5000 Series List “fastest-growing companies in the Midwest”, Knobelsdorff has grown from 5 to 150 employees in just one decade. With 30 plus years of industry knowledge, Knobelsdorff is a leader in the dairy, food & beverage, grain, feed, flour & fertilizer, industrial & manufacturing, mining, oil & gas and renewable energy markets. Count on us to tackle your project head-on and get it done the right way — the Knobelsdorff way. Visit for more information.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Electronics

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