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KP Components

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Our experience and technology - Your opportunities​ Our Vision is to be your most qualified, efficient and professional “one-stop” supplier and our "Future in Machining"​ Mission ensures that you will always benefit from the constant improvements in technology and know-how. We have years of experience in operating as a 100% sub-supplier and essential know-how within CNC machining in all types of materials. We research and develop customer-fit, highly advanced machining cells and our experienced and skilled employees, are working in three shifts around the clock, operating the extensive range of CNC machines as well as advanced value adding services. Due to unique and strategic partnerships with approved and qualified suppliers, we benefit from the latest technology in cutting tools, machines and robots. From our highly efficient factories in Denmark, Sweden and the U.S., we service global customers, with short and precise delivery times, through advanced logistical solutions. We have vast experience in turn-key projects and projects aiming to reduce high fixed costs from internal production by a complete close-down of production units. Are you ready to challenge your current supply setup? Call us today and find out. We will look forward to building up a strong co-operation with you !

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