Lanea Engineering

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Street: Kanižarica 157
Post code: 8340
City: Črnomelj
Country: Slovenia

Lanea Engineering

About Lanea Engineering

At Lanea Engineering, we're not just building machines; we're pushing technological boundaries in machine building while maintaining unwavering responsibility to our project stakeholders. Established in 2010, we've grown to become a trustworthy partner for industry giants like Yaskawa, Danfoss, and Nidec. Strategically situated in the heart of the EU, our growth trajectory sees us expanding our footprint, backed by a robust team of 30 specialized professionals. Our expertise lies in developing lines, machines, automation, and machine vision, offering solutions to enhance production efficiency. Distinguished by our proactive problem-solving approach, we offer a suite of services ranging from design, machinery building, CNC machining to electric motor manufacturing. As we look to the future, our aim is clear: to be a pioneering leader in electrical maintenance and machine development across Slovenia and beyond, always staying true to our core values of quality, environmental protection, professionalism, open communication, and economic rationality. Trust and respect underpin every relationship at Lanea, ensuring we're always a step ahead.

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  • Industrial Automation

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