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  • Street: 11 Via Paolo Biraghi
  • Post code: 42047
  • City: Campogrande
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier
System Integrator


The AMA Group's Hydraulic Business Unit is a consolidated entity that serves as a point of reference for many manufacturers of agricultural, earth-moving, industrial, and recreational vehicles. Its hydraulic cylinders are designed for different industries and uses, and are reliable over time. Starting from customer specifications, the technical department designs and sizes cylinders and entire hydraulic systems using components either made in-house or by selected partners, with a focus on adhering to European safety and use norms. The ability to produce small batches makes the group even more versatile, and the range is completed by a line of products for the production of hydraulic power units and systems such as hoses, with and without fittings and quick couplings, gear pumps, gear boxes, hydraulic motors, orbitrols, and spool valves.

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  • cylinders
  • hoses
  • gear pumps