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  • Street: Calle Jesus, 60
  • Post code: 07010
  • City: Mallorca
  • Country: Spain

Mallorca Yacht Technologies S.L.

System Integrator
Machine Builder


Our team of engineers has over twenty years of experience, and is highly specialized in the design and construction of custom cruising and racing superyachts in advanced composite, ranging from 24 to 60 meters.We listen to your needs and define for you a tailor-made technical plan that includes the most innovative solutions: that is one of the reasons why important owners entrust us with making their boats unique, enhancing the potential and improving the performances of onboard systems.We are always up to date with technology’s latest developments thanks to our activity of constant R&D, in close collaboration with partners and suppliers. Because innovation increases opportunity for efficiency, and allows us to guarantee all the best that the state of the art can offer.