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  • Street: Via Cerasa
  • Post code: 81050
  • City: Pastorano CE
  • Country: Italy


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Maurelli SpA, a company that has evolved from Maurelli Distribuzione, is one of the leading Italian companies in the truck spare parts industry. Maurelli SpA puts a strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, with its many points of sale in Italy and two branches abroad in Malta and Poland. We are among the eight giants of Italian distribution and guarantee 24-hour delivery throughout Italy. Maurelli SpA is part of Maurelli Group, which consists of four different companies that provide customers with a 360° service, from sales to post-sales assistance to professional training. Our strengths are speed in order processing, real-time technical support, and increasingly faster delivery times. In addition to the wide range of spare parts of the main aftermarket brands, we exclusively offer our customers the GAM Technic brand, developed by Maurelli Distribuzione SpA; GAM Technic is synonymous with quality and competitive pricing. We manage over 50,000 references with the experience to leave no one behind.


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  • pumps
  • motors
  • valves