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  • Street: 1/A Via Papa Giovanni XXIII
  • Post code: 62100
  • City: Macerata (MC)
  • Country: Italy

Mr Di Mario Rararo

Component Supplier


Founded in 1974 by Mario Raparo, the company has become a point of reference in the industrial supply, technical articles and machine tools sector in a short span of time due to the expertise of its employees. Our large product warehouse, which features a high level of quality, enables us to promptly fulfill the needs of both professional and private customers. Our 1200 square meters of space includes a wide range of tools such as mechanical, electrical, and tool holders; fastening items including bolts, keys, threaded rods, plugs, segers, clamps, split pins, rivet nuts, inserts, and clamps; and transmission tools including bearings, supports, belts, gears, pinions, crowns, chains, racks, joints, sleeves, springs, oil seals, pulleys, balls, joints, rings, and O-rings. Additionally, we provide motors, reducers, wheels, pneumatic and hydraulic devices, abrasives, anti-vibration devices, items for welding and greasing, lifting ropes, chemical products and adhesives, greases and oils, industrial trolleys, technical gases and plastic materials.


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  • bearings
  • supports
  • belts
  • gears