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  • Street: 25 Via Felice Gioelli
  • Post code: 44122
  • City: Ferrara
  • Country: Italy

Nuova Bull-Vit Estense

Component Supplier


For over 35 years, Nuova Bull-VIt Estense SRL has been providing customers with unified bolts and screws, rings, rivets, dowels and other fastening items, as well as custom-made parts. In 2004, the range of products was further enhanced with hydraulic and pneumatic items, fittings, pipes, solenoid valves, rapid measuring instruments and more, including an in-house connection service. In 2019, Nuova Bull-Vit Estense SRL joined the FM Metal Fastener Group Spa of Reggio Emilia, combining the expertise and knowledge of a leading company with a long history of tradition and innovation, enabling us to provide an even more attentive and personalized service to our customers.

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  • hydraulic motors
  • pumps
  • filters