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  • Street: 582 Via Calcinaro
  • Post code: 47521
  • City: Cesena
  • Country: Italy

Oemme Oleodinamica

Component Supplier
System Integrator


We offer a wide selection of agricultural spare parts, ranging from filters, lights, seats, cardans, pumps, and more; both genuine and compatible with various agricultural machines. Additionally, we provide retail and wholesale of high and low pressure hoses, fittings, hydraulic pumps, distributors, valves, motors, and other hydraulic components. We also specialize in designing and constructing power packs, hydraulic cylinders, and specific systems based on customer requirements, using both internal and external technicians. Our tooling is extensive, with a wide selection of power tools and machine tools, as well as a variety of workwear including overalls, safety shoes, and masks.


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  • pumps
  • filters
  • cylinders