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  • Street: 40 Via Tetti Grandi
  • Post code: 10022
  • Country: Italy

Oleodinamica Busso

System Integrator


Oleodinamica Busso was established in response to the need of many companies for knowledgeable and dependable help with the hydraulic systems of their industrial and earthmoving machines. Applied hydraulics is a relatively unfamiliar subject to many companies, often leading to long machine downtimes or misdiagnosis, resulting in extended repair times and costs. To address this issue, Oleodinamica Busso provides professional, rapid, and guaranteed service that includes a continually updated technical consultancy with timely feedback on the type of fault and accurate diagnosis of the hydraulic system. We offer effective solutions to prevent any negative impacts on business performance, providing services tailored to the individual needs of customers. Our services range from on-site assistance, which helps save time and makes troubleshooting easier, to repairs and maintenance of hydraulic components such as pumps, motors, valves and proportional servo valves, pistons, distributors, etc. with provision of a bench test card.

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