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  • Street: 4 Via Vittorio Veneto
  • Post code: 23010
  • City: Rogolo
  • Country: Italy

Oleodinamica Martinalli

Component Supplier
System Integrator


The Martinalli Company, owned by Elsa and Sergio Martinalli since 1983 and founded by their father in 1978, specializes in the design, construction, installation and sale of hydraulic and pneumatic components. With their dedication, passion and technical expertise, they have earned the trust of many leading companies and achieved the ISO 9002 Quality Certification in 1999 and ISO9001 2008. Located on an area of 1000 square meters, their organization includes departments for technical and administrative offices, a workshop for product construction, a warehouse stocked with components, and a commercial office. Committed to customer satisfaction, they strive to customize solutions and provide assistance throughout the product creation process.

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  • hoses
  • cylinders
  • valves