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  • Street: 3 Via F. Da Volterra
  • Post code: 42016
  • City: Guastalla Reggio Emilia
  • Country: Italy

Oleodinamica Pneumatica Guastallese

Component Supplier
System Integrator


Established in 1987 by the mother of the current directors, Massimo and Giorgio Aldrovandi, Oleodinamica Pneumatica Guastallese has continued to operate under their leadership. Specializing in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, and mechanics, the company has grown to become a reputable and successful business. By providing direct sales of parts and spare parts and offering technical and mechanical support, Oleodinamica Pneumatica Guastallese is committed to ensuring quick downtime for their customers.


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  • pumps
  • cylinders
  • motors