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  • Street: 9 Via Michele Coppino
  • Post code: 55049
  • City: Viareggio
  • Country: Italy

Oleodinamica Viareggio

Component Supplier
System Integrator


For over 25 years, Oleodinamica Viareggio has been providing customers with certified quality products and design/installation advice for oleodinamics and pneumatics. We are a trusted source in Versilia for components, accessories, and cutting-edge solutions for naval, agricultural, and industrial hydraulic systems, as well as fittings, solenoid valves, pistons, and FRL groups for pneumatic systems. We have been able to acquire our experience and meet customers' needs due to our strong and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers. We offer materials based on customer samples, CAD designs, or special requirements, and are able to create custom solutions. We also guarantee quick delivery of our products, even over long distances, due to our collaboration with reliable couriers.

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  • pumps
  • motors
  • valves