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PHD, Inc.

System Integrator


PHD is a leading manufacturer of industrial automation actuators, designed to help companies across all industries optimize their manufacturing processes. Our products consist of a full line of cylinders, escapements, grippers, linear slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, switches and sensors. These actuators provide the fundamental motion to push, pull, lift, rotate, turn, grip, reach, clamp, hold, position, escape, insert, load, unload, pick, place, and orient parts or materials in your manufacturing processes. Known for robustness, precision, and extremely long life, PHD products have the attributes and performance design engineers demand. - Widest range of long-life, robust actuators in the industry. - Engineering software and internet tools to simplify and save design time. - Factory trained application and industry specialists ensure you a cost-effective and field-proven solution. - 1-3 day delivery on most products. Best in the industry!

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