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  • Street: 60/C Via Lirone
  • Post code: 40013
  • City: Castel Maggiore (BO)
  • Country: Italy

PK a Socio Unico

Component Supplier
System Integrator


The Naldani family's artisanal experience gave birth to PK, which was founded by Antonio, Onelio's father, who had passed on to him his knowledge and passion for building hydraulic machines. In 1985, PK began as a Parker distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic components and integrated the design and assembly of power packs. In 1996, it was chosen as a certified Parker Fluid Connector distributor for selling, pressing and testing flexible hoses. In 2008, Oleobi acquired PK, making it Parker's PREMIER DISTRIBUTOR in the Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Filtration areas and opened its first ParkerStore. In 2016, PK joined the American group Flodraulic together with Oleobi. Nowadays, PK provides an additional service, making its experience and qualified personnel available for designing and executing fit-ups on construction sites using rigid and flexible piping.

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