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  • Street: 4 via Losana
  • Post code: 13900
  • City: Biella
  • Country: Italy

Pneumatica Biellese

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In 1987, Pneumatica Biellese was established, taking over the G.Lanza company from Biella, which had been founded in 1922. This allowed the company to begin offering a wider range of products, mainly focusing on the industrial automation market in the pneumatics sector. Pneumatica Biellese then became the exclusive concessionaire of the Camozzi company of Brescia for the provinces of Biella and Vercelli. At the end of the 90s, the company expanded its product range by adding various products for the transportation, control and interception of different fluids to its sales offer. In 2017, Pneumatica Biellese was appointed as the exclusive dealer for Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta of the Argal company in Brescia, a manufacturer of pumps for the chemical sector.


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  • cylinders
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