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  • Street: 8300 Rua Dona Francisca
  • Post code: 89219-600
  • Country: Brazil

Pollux Automation – Hahntel S.A.

System Integrator


Founded in 1996, Pollux is the most innovative industrial technology company in Brazil. The company acts as a market reference for technology integration and offers solutions in pay-per-use model. With more than 450 clients, Pollux has implemented over 1000 projects to many industry segments all over Latin America. Pollux understands clients’ problems and efficiently helps them. The industrial technology company is known to make factories more productive, efficient and smart while delivering innovative solutions, allowing customers to win in an increasingly competitive global scenario. By providing amazing services, Pollux has earned recognitions from multiple organizations including Endeavor, Ernst & Young, CNI (National Confederation of Industry) and FINEP Technology Innovation Award. For five years in a row, the company has received the prestigious award GPTW (Great Place to Work). Along with all the respected awards, Deloitte 2016 has also acknowledged the company as one of the Top 3 fastest growing SME´s in Brazil. With a team of specialists from various engineering fields, such as industrial automation, computer programming, software, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, project management and others, the company is strategically positioned at the most important industrial centers providing very fast and qualified response to their customers and partner’s technical assistance needs.

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