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Street: 4 School Street
Post code: 7441
City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa

Ppe Technologies Cape Town

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Power Plant Electrical Technologies is a well-established, commercial sized Close Corporation, having specialised skills in the following areas:, Electrical engineering and equipment supply services, including system studies, design, project integration, installation and commissioning of high, medium and low voltage networks, control systems, and renewable energy solutions to mining operations, utilities and manufacturing industries., - Power and Power Quality, - Instrumentation and Analytics, - LV Products and Systems, - MV Products and Systems, - LV and MV Motors and Generators, - PLC Automation and Control Systems, - Outdoor Switchgear, - Power Protection and Automation Products, - Renewable Energy, - Transformers, - LV and MV Variable Speed Drives, - UPS and Power Conditioning, We utilize these products and technical skills for the following Markets:, - Power Generation, - Medium and Heavy Industry, - Renewables, - Marine, - Mining, - Agriculture, - Commercial, - Petrochemicals, Our service offering includes:, Engineering Services, - Load Flow Studies, - Electrical Protection Grading, - Earthing System Design, - Power Factor Correction, - Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Systems, - System Design & Commissioning, - Shutdown, LV & MV Maintenance, Installations:, - Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear Retrofits, - Hazardous Areas Design & Installation, - Industrial and Process Plant E&I, - Mining and Beneficiation Plants E&I, - Onsite Maintenance & Testing, Workshops & Manufacturing:, - Motor Control Centre Panels, - Power Distribution Boards, - PLC’s & DCS Boards, - Medium Voltage Primary Switchgear Panels, - Bus Bar Manipulation, - Custom LV &MV Panels, System Integration & Projects:, - Project Integration & Management, - Automation of Plants &Processes, - Complete MV &LV Reticulation Systems, - Industrial Instrumentation Systems, - Renewable Energy Solutions, The Power Plant Electrical Technologies team knows and understands the pressures on manufacturers and counsels associated with the modern economic climate in Southern Africa. With this understanding, our objective is to offer an accredited differentiated service to provide our customers with value for money. We understand that it is important to curb unnecessary expenditure, but not to sacrifice quality or reliability of plant or distribution systems. We therefore allocate the most cost effective resource to the job, and supplement this with input and guidance from our qualified and experienced team members. We do not attempt to be the cheapest service provider, as in our opinion cheap service is achieved through the sacrifice of quality. We therefore endeavour to provide the most efficient blend of resources to achieve a cost effective, and yet quality service.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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