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Contact details:

Street: Avda Príncipe de gales 5921
City: La Reina, Santiago
Country: Chile


About Remiex

We are a supplier of automation, control, electronic and electrical components. Oriented mainly in industry and mining in Chile. Remiex was created as an agile and efficient alternative. REPUESTOS MINERÍA E INDUSTRIAS EXPRESS REMIEX LIMITADA

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Our Products

  • 209-784

    WSB marking card; as card; MARKED; V (100x);...

  • 280-353

    Separator plate; 2 mm thick; oversized; light gray

  • 285-136

    POWER CAGE CLAMP feedthrough terminal block; DIN 35...

  • 734-229

    Strain relief plate; for female and male connectors;...

  • 741-902

    Stackable PCB terminal block; push-button; 2.5 mm²; Pin...

  • 769-413

    Strain relief plate; for female and male connectors;...

  • 2604-1508

    PCB terminal block; lever; 4 mm²; Pin spacing...

  • 210-332/700-001

    Marking strips; as a DIN A4 sheet; MARKED;...

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