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  • Street: 49 Via Tazio Nuvolari
  • Post code: 55012
  • City: Capannori (LU)
  • Country: Italy


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Since 1957, RENAT has been representing Ceccato products, a leading company in the production and construction of air compressors. In the mid-1960s, the company expanded its distribution to become the concessionaire for Tuscany for the entirety of the Ceccato product range. As a result of the company's demonstrated skills and professionalism, RENAT has continued to grow and expand its business, offering technical assistance 365 days a year and entering into the paper sector. In the new millennium, RENAT invested in research and innovation in the field of industrial pneumatics, opened a design office for the construction of electro-pneumatic switchboards, and provides design, installation, and technical assistance for all the products treated, using original spare parts.


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