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ReUseIT -Asset Recovery Ltd

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Street: NSC Campus, Loughmahon Technology Park Mahon,
Post code: T12 H7AA
City: Cork
Country: Ireland

ReUseIT -Asset Recovery Ltd

About ReUseIT -Asset Recovery Ltd

We are a market innovator in the management, re-marketing, repair, and disposal of pre-owned, off-lease, and surplus technology assets. We pride ourselves on refurbishing and re-selling technological equipment such as laboratory equipment, industrial machinery and tools, electronic test equipment, scientific instruments, and other instruments. We understand the value of maximizing returns and minimizing costs for companies with excessive non-performing assets. Our philosophy is to redeploy equipment or to maximize any remarketing value in all assets. If the remarketing option is not financially feasible or declined by the client, we use certified e-waste disposal contractors and provide certification that all materials have been processed in an environmentally compliant manner. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and value. We believe that our expertise and experience in the industry make us the best choice for companies looking to manage, re-market, repair, or dispose of their pre-owned, off-lease, and surplus technology assets.

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  • Industrial Automation

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