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  • Street: 42 E/r Via Romairone
  • Post code: 16163
  • City: Genova Bolzaneto
  • Country: Italy

RF Hydraulic

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After two decades of experience in the maritime and manufacturing industries, Rinaldo and Rosanna Fasce decided to take on a new venture. In 1998, with the help of financial partners, they created Fluido Hydraulic S.r.l., a small oleodynamic systems business based in Genoa. Unfortunately, due to the economic crisis of 2000, all partners decided to pull out their investments, leading to the company's closure. Nevertheless, Rinaldo and Rosanna were determined to pursue their project, so in 2001 they established RF Hydraulic S.r.l. With a solid background in technical expertise and a committed team, their company quickly gained a strong presence in various industries, such as marine, iron and steel, and machine tools. In 2007, the company moved to Genoa-Bolzaneto and invested in infrastructure and production machinery, making it a well-organized institution in the Ligurian region. Furthermore, RF Hydraulic S.r.l. became an authorized distributor of Bosch-Rexroth in 2002, Moog in 2009, and SMC in 2016.


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