R.M. Sistemi Elettronici S.R.L.

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Street: Viale M. Gandhi
Post code: 10051
City: Avigliana
Country: Italy

R.M. Sistemi Elettronici S.R.L.

About R.M. Sistemi Elettronici S.R.L.

RM is a company specializes in the design (Design & Engineering) and construction of custom-made electronic devices based on specifications supplied by the Customer, the OEM board to the finished product private label (Production) with all its auxiliary components such as wiring, custom containers, cabinets, labeling, packing etc.. (Service). In this context, the 'experience in all these years in the management of production processes and activities of global support to the Customer, allows RM to offer customized services with the right ratio quality/price.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
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