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Street: 710 South Redwood Road
Post code: 84054
City: North Salt Lake
Country: United States

RSP Supply

About RSP Supply

RSP Supply stands as a premier distributor of industrial-grade automation products, encompassing PLCs, enclosures, panel hardware, control systems, and electronic hardware. Our extensive product catalog comprises offerings from over 200 industry-leading suppliers. What sets us apart is our dedication to introducing cutting-edge, technology-driven products that resonate with both buyers and design engineers. Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering top-quality products at competitive prices. We meticulously ensure that our products excel in terms of performance, efficiency, and adaptability. Trust is the cornerstone of our client relationships, which we've nurtured through exceptional sales and customer services. Recognizing the value of having knowledgeable and experienced experts to address inquiries, our team assists clients in making well-informed purchasing decisions. At RSP Supply, our ethos has always revolved around customer-centric distribution.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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