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  • Street: Johannes-Schmalz-Straße
  • Post code: 72293
  • City: Glatten
  • Country: Germany

Schmalz Germany



Schmalz is the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions. Schmalz products are used all over the world, for example in applications in the logistics industry, the automotive industry, the electronics sector or in furniture production. The wide range of products in the Vacuum Automation unit includes individual components such as suction cups and vacuum generators, as well as complete gripping systems and clamping solutions for holding workpieces, for example in CNC machining centers. The Handling Systems unit offers innovative handling solutions with vacuum lifters and crane systems for industrial and handicraft applications. With the Energy Storage unit, Schmalz has created a new pillar in the field of stationary energy storage. With comprehensive consulting, a focus on innovation and first-class quality, Schmalz offers its customers long-lasting benefits. Schmalz’s intelligent solutions make production and logistics processes more flexible and efficient, while also preparing them for the increasing trend toward digitalization. Latest Awards and Recognitions: - Specialist of The Year, Category Vacuum Automation (2020) - German sustainability award TOP 3 (2020) - Finalist at the Grand Prix of medium-sized businesses (2019) - Great Place to Work (2018) - German CSR Prize (2016) - Hermes Award: Top 5 (2016) - German Industry Innovation Award (2015) - Baden-Württemberg Security Award (2015) - Axia Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (2014)

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