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  • Street: 2563 Farnam Street
  • Post code: 68131
  • City: Omaha
  • Country: United States

Skarda Equipment Co, Inc

Component Supplier


Skarda Equipment Co, Inc is a family-owned distributor of fluid power and motion control components servicing Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Since 1969, Skarda Equipment has been serving the Midwest with components, systems and solutions for industrial automation. Whether it's assisting you with a fluid power or motion control circuit design, specifying the correct component for your machine or replacing a routine maintenance item, technical support is our top priority. We have factory trained, experienced specialists in several areas of expertise. We also offer on-site training sessions which will keep you up to date on the latest automation products available. With millions of parts in inventory, we're committed to meeting your production requirements and keeping your facility up and running. We have two conveniently located warehouses to meet the requirements of local industry.


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