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Street: Zur Hubertushalle 4
Post code: 59846
City: Sundern
Country: Germany

Sks Steuerungstechnik

About Sks Steuerungstechnik

For the last 25 years, SKS Steuerungstechnik has been providing custom high-end solutions for software engineering and commissioning of production lines and process technology systems, mainly for customers in the automotive and food industries, as well as in the field of conveyor technology. Having been taken over by PTP-Holding GmbH in 2019, SKS is now part of the PTP Group, allowing them to offer a more extensive service portfolio to their national and international customers. As a reliable provider of automation services, robotics programming and commissioning of industrial production facilities, SKS has established strong relationships with renowned customers in the automotive industry, conveyor technology and food industry, and has earned a great reputation for their solution-oriented approach and problem-solving abilities.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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