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  • Street: n.19/21 Via Eugenio Montale
  • Post code: 62010
  • City: Montecassiano (MC)
  • Country: Italy

Stacchietti Service

Component Supplier
System Integrator


Stacchietti Service Srl was established in December 2005, but members of the Stacchietti family had been involved in the earthmoving machinery repair business for thirty years, both as employees and owners of companies in the sector. This extensive experience in both technical and commercial aspects has enabled the company to collaborate with Eurocomach, providing maintenance and marketing services for machines produced by major national and international manufacturers. The Stacchietti Service Srl workshop is equipped with the latest tools and staffed by trained personnel, allowing them to quickly provide any kind of repair or overhaul, minimizing downtime.


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  • gears
  • bearings
  • cylinders