Sumelgra Media Tension, S.L.

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Street: Parcela 123-124, Nave 2 C/ Loja
Post code: 18210
City: Granada
Country: Spain

Sumelgra Media Tension, S.L.

About Sumelgra Media Tension, S.L.

The philosophy of our company is to give the greatest effectiveness to these clients, for their need and interest. With our sales team together with the cast we make the client/company relationship more communicative , giving them a service at the point of work, we transfer to our clients the advances and developments presented by the suppliers. Sumelgra medium voltage, has a logistics platform in northern Spain called CLC , "shared logistics center", together with associated warehouses throughout Spain, belonging to the Electroclub group , and in turn we belong to Imelco, the largest purchasing group worldwide.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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