System 3R International AB

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Street: Sorterargatan 1
Post code: 162 50
City: Vällingby
Country: Sweden

System 3R International AB

About System 3R International AB

System 3R shall be the leading supplier of productivity-enhancing tools and knowledge for the manufacturing industry. Your machines do not need to stand still for long while you set-up and prepare different jobs. Everything goes faster with fixed references. We call this concept One Minute Set-up! By working with fixed references, System 3R converts internal set-up time to external set-up time. Our concept centres on defining each machine’s zero point once and once only. Fixed references for all machines and a common system for the entire workshop are then possible. Just like pit stops in Formula One, set-up times are reduced dramatically. Palletisation is the first step towards automation. Combined with a reference system, this gives unbeatable accuracy. System 3R minimises downtime and connects production flows. The ultimate goal of reducing lead times is achieved!

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation