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  • Street: 146 Via Principe Amedeo
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  • City: Taranto
  • Country: Italy


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In 1998, PRIVERA industriale, already a well-established commercial and technical partner of companies such as Siemens and PARKER HANNIFIN in the field of hydraulics and mechatronics, founded TECNA Group to further expand into engineering. TECNA has become a leader in hydraulic breakers, having sold over twelve thousand machines. Their range of hammers spans from 60 kg up to 3600 kg, and they hold four patents. Furthermore, TECNA has maintained an ISO 9001 certified quality system since 2001. Their production facilities cover over three thousand square meters, with a capacity of 500 machines a month. With their high reverse engineering skills, TECNA has 15,000 compatible parts in stock for breakers from major European and Asian manufacturers, and can deliver spare parts within 6 hours of receiving an order. This reliability and efficiency, combined with their ability to customize solutions for special applications such as tunneling, underwater, and high temperature environments, makes TECNA a reliable and professional partner.


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