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  • Street: 3 Via Emilia
  • Post code: 24052
  • City: Azzano San Paolo
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier
System Integrator


Since 2004, our company has positioned itself as a provider of integration services for pneumatic and electrical components. We specialize in collaborating with technical-professional clients such as machine manufacturers, designers, plant installers and maintenance personnel. We specialize in the rapidly changing market, offering flexible and timely solutions that are tailored to our customers' specific needs. Our expertise and knowledge of the sector allows us to provide specialized partnership services and systems and components. Our product development process starts in collaboration with the customer, from layout design to prototype and to functional testing. We also provide industrial automation solutions for the Bergamo area and province, reselling products from companies we have partnered with and have had relationships with for a long time. These companies offer products with high standards to ensure the quality needed for reliable, high-performance, and long-lasting systems.

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  • Valves
  • fittings
  • manifolds