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  • Street: 6 Via Giuseppe Paradiso
  • Post code: 70023
  • City: Gioia del Colle
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier


ZEROTF SRL is an Italian company located in Gioia del Colle – BA, specializing in the sale of Bearings, Transmission Belts, Sealing Rings, Motors, Gearboxes, Hydraulics, and other 200 industrial supplies. As an authorized dealer of FAG products, we offer 15,000 types of bearings, and our portfolio of customers includes over 1,100 resellers, agricultural and food machinery manufacturers, and company maintenance providers. With an 800 square meter warehouse and an efficient logistics network, we guarantee fast and reliable shipping. ZEROTF SRL is your ideal partner.

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  • bearings
  • motors
  • belts