Tecnopress Automação Industrial

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Street: 51 R. Guaipá
Post code: 05089-001
City: São Paulo
Country: Brazil

Tecnopress Automação Industrial

About Tecnopress Automação Industrial

Established in 1987, Tecnopress is today the most modern industry of press automation equipment in Brazil. Tecnopress develops special projects and provides services of implementation and specialized technical assistance to different segments of the metallurgic industry like auto parts, domestic utilities, electronics, and others. With more than 8,000 equipments provided and installed, all in turn-key system, Tecnopress has been specialized in the constant search of new technologies when developing systems to each application, always focusing on reducing the costs of production. Our expertise has positioned the company as the leader in the segment of press automation and metal conforming. In 2009, Tecnopress became an ISO 9001 accredited company offering excellent quality management procedures in manufacturing equipment. This certification was provided by the Swiss company SGS and accredited by INMETRO (Brazil) and UKAS (United Kingdom).

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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