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  • Street: 51 Via P. Stazzi
  • Post code: 26029
  • City: Soncino
  • Country: Italy

Torriani Gianni

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Founded by Mr. Torriani Gianni in 1973, the Torriani Gianni Snc company has steadily expanded its production of basic ball bearings in terms of quantity, diameter, and type. Presently, the company manufactures 910 different types of bearings ranging from 234 mm to 2500 mm. Ball, roller, and two-row ball bearings are available and account for 25,000 of the company's annual output, with 85% of production exported to 42 different countries. TG bearings are used in a multitude of applications, such as excavators, aerial platforms, construction cranes, amusement parks, machine tools, and purification plants. Over 160 people engage with TG bearings on a daily basis and approximately 100 new machines are built with TG bearings each day. The company's success is due to the help of its 30 worldwide sales agents and more than 4,000 customers.

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