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Street: 1251 East Wisconsin Avenue
Post code: 53072
City: Pewaukee
Country: United States

Tri-Phase Automation

About Tri-Phase Automation

Tri-Phase Automation stands as a cutting-edge automation distributor, dedicated to collaborating with manufacturing companies across Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. What sets us apart is our exclusive recruitment of engineers, enabling us to offer innovative solutions with the most extensive range of products and services in the Midwest. With over 25 years of commitment, our clients view us as an extension of their teams, relying on us to mitigate risks, lower costs, and deliver various value-added services tailored to their specific needs. We've meticulously selected our suppliers to provide the most comprehensive array of automation products in the Midwest. Rest assured that you'll receive precisely the right products for your applications, characterized by top-notch quality and competitive pricing, with unwavering support from our engineering team. Our product managers are specialists in fields such as vision, motion, safety, robotics, sensors, remote connectivity, and industrial PC's, among others, so you won't need to become the expert. We offer educational seminars covering core technologies, motor sizing and selection, programming, CAD services, and comprehensive panel building services. Our aim is to function as an extension of your engineering unit. Explore our industry solutions section on this website. We trust that you'll discover our expertise in problem-solving for your applications and allow our engineers to free up your time, enabling you to concentrate on your core technologies. At Tri-Phase, our mission is to engineer solutions that transform your concepts into reality.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics

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