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  • Street: C / Iceland, Nº 182, Nave 24 A
  • Post code: 14014
  • City: Córdoba
  • Country: Spain

Unión Tecnológica del Sur

Component Supplier


Unión Tecnológica del Sur, SL is a young company but with a strong future projection.We are dedicated to the distribution of all kinds of industrial supplies and electrical and electronic material, highlighting that our task is not only to sell but to advise, advise and see what is the most efficient for the client.Among our professionals we have a technical-commercial team capable of serving customers with maximum proximity, trying to achieve good value for money, and fast and efficient service at all times.We also have the support of an engineering department to complete all kinds of technical solutions and assemblies that our clients require.The main intention of our Company is to give a good service to our clients; do not forget that " our goal is your peace of mind".