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UNIS Group Ltd

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Street: Summerhouse Road
Post code: NN3 6GL
City: Northampton
Country: United Kingdom

UNIS Group Ltd

About UNIS Group Ltd

UNIS Group aims to promote continuity of industrial production processes. We offer specialist services to provide insight into the inventory and availability of spare parts for your installed electronic modules and monitor the condition and the risks of your systems. We keep critical spare parts in perfect condition in stock and ensure that they are shipped directly as soon as they are needed. We reduce downtime. Since our start in 1984, we have ensured that our customers can make use of existing systems for as long as possible. We focus on the continuity of your current production processes and on extending the life of existing electronic modules. We serve local customers and markets from our head office in Grou (Netherlands) and our specialized subsidiaries in Europe, South America, and Asia. This geographical spread, combined with our many years of knowledge and experience, allows us to support customers across national borders.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Number of Employees

Products from UNIS Group Ltd

  • Drive
  • HMI
  • IPC
  • CNC
  • PLC
  • PLC/Drive
  • Robotics
  • Motor
  • Servomotor
  • Software
  • PG
  • Cable/Connector
  • Control unit
  • Accessory/Option

UNIS Group Ltd Services

  • Sales
  • Stocktaking and evaluation
  • Risk analysis and spare part management
  • Critical Stock Management
  • Internet of Things
  • On-site service
  • Free collection service
  • Process automation
  • Laboratory automation
  • Bu...

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