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  • Street: ul. Kominiarska 42C
  • Post code: 51-180
  • City: Wrocław
  • Country: Poland

Unitem Sp. z o.o.

System Integrator
Machine Builder


We are automation systems integrators. We specialize not only in building prototype machines increasing production lines' functionality, but also in creating process lines. Our extensive experience in production process automation allows us to provide our customers with machines that save time, raw materials as well as minimize the number of defective products. The company consists of a team of over 50 high-class specialists. We do all the designing, building and automation work ourselves. Our advantages are: - high quality machines, - high ROI of machines, - customer-friendly and transparent process, - account manager with extensive engineering and process knowledge. We specialize in building: ✅ dedicated machines, ✅ complete production lines, ✅ automatic buffer lines typically used in paint shops, ✅ leak testing stations, ✅ end of Line stations, ✅ assembly machines. Our machines work in: 🔸 automotive industry (we supply machines to OEMs and their Tier 1, Tier 2 suppliers), 🔸 medical industry, 🔸 woodworking industry, 🔸 furniture industry, 🔸 metal industry, 🔸 plastics industry. Although the company is based in Wrocław, we deliver machines across Europe. Our machines also work on other continents. Being far from reckless, we undertake a project only when we are sure that we have the knowledge, experience and idea. Moreover, we implement Win-Win strategies and focus on smart automation. As a dependable business partner, we can boast many years of cooperation with numerous companies and orders for our services.