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  • Street: 59 Via Cremonese
  • Post code: 43126
  • City: Parma (PR)
  • Country: Italy

Universalflex Technology

Component Supplier


For decades, the UniversalFlex Group has been providing innovative solutions in the industrial supplies market, catering to the needs of the Food & Beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, hydraulic, naval and nautical sectors. Our offerings include connected tubes, custom machined gaskets, stainless steel components and fittings (DIN - CLAMP - SMS - Enologic etc.), systems for industrial automation, hydraulic plants and central units, assembled tubes, adapters and all associated accessories for the OEM market. We have achieved a strong and well-established presence in the national market, thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of our founders and managers.

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  • valves
  • pipes