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  • Street: 9 Via Asti
  • Post code: 10026
  • City: Santena
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier
System Integrator


Vega International Tools Srl provides exclusive imports and distribution services of some of the world's most renowned precision mechanic brands in Italy. Established in 1973 to introduce Japanese technology to the country, the Santena-based company, located a few kilometers from Turin, offers integrated solutions to improve the performance of lathes and machining centers. Vega International Tools ensures the quality of its services and interventions through its specialized technicians, backed by a network of agents and dealers spread across the Italian territory. In addition to its commercial activities, the company also provides assistance for main items in the catalog, design services to help customers with their growth, and specific training programs for dealers and end users. Vega International Tools is certified ISO 9001 and is known for its innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.

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