Vision Light Tech

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Street: 22 Protonenlaan
Post code: 5405 NE
City: Uden
Country: Netherlands

Vision Light Tech

About Vision Light Tech

Vision Light Tech supplies a broad range of solutions in light, lenses and filters for the industrial machine vision and traffic automation worldwide. VLT is renowned for their specialty in this niche market. The organization distinguishes itself from others by a solution focussed approach. We offer a wide range of illumination, lenses and filter solutions. Our products are used in the industrial machine vision industry. We also customize standard products to suit individual customer requirements. In our lab, we offer you a free imaging testing of your sample(s). To discover our possibilities, we ask you to send us your sample so we can offer you an image with the best contrast. #machinevision #optics #illumination #filters

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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