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  • Street: 44961 Via Leone Ginzburg
  • Post code: 40054
  • City: Budrio BO
  • Country: Italy

Vivolo Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo



In 2005, Oleodinamica Vivoil began to carry out some manufacturing processes internally, allowing for the customization of products and fast deliveries both in Italy and abroad. This marked a shift from a small business to an international brand. Our headquarters in Budrio (Bologna), where 30 people work, has become our manufacturing plant where we produce hydraulic pumps, flow dividers and hydraulic motors for use in forklifts, presses, compressors, wind turbines and other industrial machinery. Our products are designed to be durable, minimizing maintenance interventions and machine downtime. They help make the work of industrial machines more precise, fluid, and safe, aiding in the transportation and movement of large loads, transformation of materials, and production of semi-finished products and alternative energy.

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  • Flow Dividers
  • motors
  • pumps