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Street: 1750 Mitchell Road
Post code: 60505
City: Aurora
Country: United States


About Weldstar

Servicing the greater Chicago metropolitan area and Northern Indiana, Weldstar is a distributor for a wide range of products, from welding machinery and gases to accessories and safety equipment. In addition, Weldstar is the only independent welding distributor in the country since 1975 with an ASME Certificate, enabling us to inventory and sell tested welding materials internationally to the Nuclear Power Industry. Weldstar combines technology with local support out of our 3 store locations bringing you the most comprehensive automated welding solutions available in the market place. Weldstar technical representatives are trained in a variety of welding automation applications including: Laser Consumables Robotic Work Cell Solutions Seam Welding and Tracking Orbital Welding Fixturing and Positioning Equipment Automated Plasma and Cutting Operations Circumferential Welders Subarc Systems

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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