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  • New Surplus: 56
  • Refurbished: 135
  • Repair: 76
  • Used: 179
  • New No Box: 10
  • New Opened: 39
  • New Sealed: 7.947

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Part Number Brand Description QTY Status
952301230 Datalogic 952301230 - S15-PA-5-B01- PK Reflex polarized plastic axial pnp l/d input M12 2 In Stock
S55C832 Datalogic FOTOCELLULA S55C832 DATALOGIC 1 In Stock
G5210732 Datalogic **NON USARE** Usare: DAH5210732 --- G5210732 - S5-5-B3-32 Sbarramento polarizzato (3 m) con connettore M12 1 In Stock
S30-5-C200-1 S305C2001 Datalogic DATALOGIC S30-5-C200-1 S305C2001 Lichtschranke -unused/OVP- 25 In Stock
S30-5-B8-1 Datalogic DATALOGIC S30-5-B8-1 S305B81 Lichtschranke -unused/OVP- 133 In Stock
S30-5-B8-2P S305B8P2 Datalogic DATALOGIC S30-5-B8-2P S305B8P2 Lichtschranke -unused/OVP- 29 In Stock
S30-5-F50-1 S305F501 Datalogic DATALOGIC S30-5-F50-1 S305F501 -unused/OVP- 17 In Stock
S30-5-G50-1 S305G501 Datalogic DATALOGIC S30-5-G50-1 S305G501 Näherungsschalter -unused/OVP- 14 In Stock
GD4400 GD4430-BK1 Datalogic Datalogic Gryphon GD4400 GD4430-BK GD4430-BKK1 Barcodescanner + Kabel-unused/OVP 1 In Stock
CBX100 Datalogic Datalogic CBX100 10-30VDC Barcodeleser Anschlussbox + Helukabel JZ-500 3G1-used- 7 In Stock
CBX500 Datalogic Data Logic CBX500 Anschlussbox + BM100 + BM150 Display + BM300 Platine -used- 4 In Stock
DS 300 Datalogic Data Logic DS 300 Nr. 90M4525 220V Laser Barcode Scanner -used- 1 In Stock
QL150 Datalogic Datalogic QL150 10-30VDC Quick Link ID-NET Connector -used- 3 In Stock
Matrix 210 213-001 Datalogic Datalogic MATRIX 210 213-001 10-30VDC 0,35-0,13A Barcode Scanner -unused- 1 In Stock
C-BOX 100 Datalogic DATALOGIC C-BOX 100 10-30V DC Verbindungsbox Barcodescanner -used- 2 In Stock
DP 1000-1200 Datalogic Data Logic DP 1000-1200 1.16 98A94694 -unused- 1 In Stock
212-001 Datalogic Datalogic MATRIX 210 212-001 10-30Vdc Barcode Scanner -unused- 1 In Stock
Matrix-2021 Datalogic DATALOGIC Matrix 2021 Matrix-2021 HD Barcode Laser Scanner -unused- 1 In Stock
POWERSCAN D8330 Datalogic Datalogic POWERSCAN D8330 Barcodescanner + CAB-364 RS232 Cable -used- 1 In Stock
Touch90 TD1100 TD1130-BK-90 Datalogic Datalogic Touch90 TD1100 TD1130-BK-90 Barcode Scanner USB -used- 1 In Stock