Creating a more integrated and seamless trading experience for
the industrial world.

Supporting industrial companies to optimize their purchasing and logistic processes with user-friendly, top-class software and market information.

Why keep it complicated if we can make it seamless?

Since 2017, we've been committed to supporting industrial distributors in optimizing their purchasing and logistic processes through user-friendly software and market information. In 2021, Automa.Net officially launched, and since then, we've worked with hundreds of industrial automation companies worldwide. Yet, our vision goes beyond being just a sourcing platform; we're creating a thriving ecosystem where businesses can connect, transact, and grow together.

We are dedicated to:

  • improving communication in sourcing parts. No more tedious calls or email attachments with Excel files. Imagine millions of offers, all in one place, with real-time availability data;
  • unifying the way product data are presented;
  • accelerating the quote-to-purchase process;
  • providing powerful technology to speed up the processes and to help you to serve your customer more effectively;
  • building a strong community of industrial automation companies.

Our Core Values


Built it on mutual respect and honesty. Prioritize transparency in relationships with clients and your team. It holds us together.


Acknowledge that there is always something to learn. Listen to grow, not to win.


Don't be indifferent. Care for your clients, your team, and your community. Share challenges, and triumphs. Make genuine connections.


Taking initiative is a KEY- act boldly and seek forgiveness rather than permission. We value independence. Be the current, not the driftwood.

Meet our team

Marcin Krzączkowski

Marcin Krzączkowski

Marcin Krzączkowski, with degrees from the University of Hertfordshire and Nanyang Technological University, brings a global outlook and a passion for continuous learning to his role at Automa.Net. Starting his tech journey at skydigo in 2015, he quickly adapted to the online applications realm. As a leader, Marcin skillfully directs the sales team and product development, leveraging his expertise from building parts listing platforms. Known for his humble approach, Marcin enjoys hobbies like dancing and skiing, adding a creative dimension to his professional life. His blend of technical skill, leadership, and team collaboration makes him an invaluable asset to Automa.Net.
Sławomir Lech

Sławomir Lech

Sławomir Lech, CTO with extensive IT experience, excels in eCommerce and web development, boasting over eight years in JavaScript and PHP. He's adept in large enterprise solutions, serving clients in Poland and Norway, and has successfully launched various eCommerce stores. As CTO, Sławomir shapes the product vision, infrastructure, and technology strategy, prioritizing security. His diverse skills make him integral to his team’s success.