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Distributor of electrical and industrial automation components
RTC, Spain
With the contacts that Automa.Net has provided us, we have managed to locate products from reliable suppliers and also increase our sales.

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CEO, PartTracker, The Netherlands
Alex van Dam
When I start my PC, first thing is to open a browser with Automa.Net… The portal with stock from so many trading companies helps me, but above all helps the end-users. The portal came operational just before the big shortages were felt in the market and it’s a blessing to the market. Fast shipments, reasonable prices and good quantities in stock…Automa.Net is unique. Just a few months on the platform, I’ve made €50,000 in turnover, and I’m sure it will grow. Automa.Net is the most consistent help for each trader who wants to keep his service of delivery at a high standard.
Chief Operating Office, D.M.T. S.R.L.
Luigi Russo
I was looking for an exchange service for a broken Siemens part to keep the production line of our customer running and I couldn’t find it with my regular suppliers. Thanks to Automa.Net I have found a company from the Czech Republic that offered me their service. It took only a few minutes to find it and the reply was very fast.
Director Of Marketing, Quero Automation, Spain
Arlinton Zuluaga
At Quero Automation we believe that the Automa.Net concept has come to reinvent the market. In an industry with millions of references and brands such as automation, guaranteeing the user a platform to purchase their equipment in a simple way and choosing a supplier is key. We have been working with Automa.Net since the beginning of this year and we hope to continue working together for many months to come. It is a platform that allows us to reach new customers, guaranteeing quality service standards.
Office Director, PLCconnex, Poland
Katarzyna Kowalczyk
We are delighted with the platform, we did not expect it could be so functional, transparent and helpful at our work. The Automa.Net team are professionals and they reply to emails instantly! The search engine works flawlessly, it is truly a data mine. Thanks to this platform, we can look for both new business partners as well as automation and industrial electronics components in one place. Such cooperation is pure pleasure.
PLC-City testimonials
Marketing Executive, PLC-City, Italy
Barbora Ivankova
From the beginning, we have seen Automa.Net as great opportunity to solve problematic product searches, but also a way to confront the supplier prices. The range of products and their alternatives is extremely wide in our business sector and it is sometimes difficult to find the exact product the client is seeking. Automa.Net as search engine is definitely of a great help in this matter and a useful tool.

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Automa.Net is a team of people experienced in designing, developing, and launching digital products for industrial markets- specifically for businesses in industrial automation. We are totally independent. We are not associated with any manufacturer, association, or distribution company. Read more about us here.

We have been in the business of helping industrial distributors since 2017. Marcin Krzączkowski, Automa.Net Founder, co-founded – a similar site operating in the hydraulic and pneumatic sector, which was set up in 2017. The official launch of Automa.Net took place on the 1st of March 2021. We now work with hundreds of industrial automation companies across the world.

Automa.Net portal ( is only available for registered users. To register an account at Automa.Net you need to be a representative of a company that buys industrial automation & electronic parts for further reselling or/and keep stock of industrial automation & electronic parts, we welcome all: Distributors, Brokers/Dealers, Wholesalers, Webshops, Marketplaces, System integrators. 

Absolutely not. This is what differs our business model from Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces. Sell and buy as much as you can and only pay a membership fee to access the community of industrial automation & electronic companies across the world.

Automa.Net is a membership business. It’s a fixed fee to access our site. There are no limitations on the number of lines of inventory you upload. The price difference depends on the number of users who will be using the tool simultaneously as well as the number of extra features you will choose to use. One of them – API, gives you a possibility to enjoy the search experience and data we provide at Automa.Net within your ERP/stock management infrastructure. We are a data hub for in-stock parts availability and we allow multiple integrations with your infrastructure – so the relationships between you and the customer stays with you.

We do understand that over the years you have set up meaningful relationships with companies that you trade with most often. Automa.Net could help you take this relationship to the next level – some of your partners might be already at Automa.Net – you can even mark them as your favourite suppliers. The power of Automa.Net in cases like these is that you could now easily view always up to date parts availability information from your network of preferred suppliers as well as the rest of the market – in ONE view. You can also integrate this data into your infrastructure – meaning you need to only do one API integration and have all the parts availability data from hundreds of suppliers within your infrastructure.