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Access global inventory, request, and trade automation parts in the all-in-one place for your automation business
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As a dynamic hub, our platform connects distributors, brokers, system integrators, and machine builders worldwide. Engage in hundreds of daily transactions, exchange information through Automa.Net and accelerate collaboration across the globe.

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Automa.Net benefits

Access a worldwide network of reliable suppliers. Effortlessly explore inventory, receive instant quotes, and perform price checks. Enjoy flexible payment methods including online and invoice.

Ordering Made Easy

Quickly search, compare, run price checks, and order automation parts from your current and new suppliers in a single dashboard

Buy & Sell Overstock

Effortlessly offload excess inventory or find great deals on needed parts, ensuring your stock is always optimized and up-to-date.

Streamlined Sales

Automate quotations and manage RFQs, quotes, and orders from one dashboard, streamlining your sales process for optimal efficiency.

Market Insights

Gain a competitive edge with AutomaINSIGHTS and our API, uncovering market trends and key data to inform your procurement strategy.

Individual Trade Terms

Buy from numerous suppliers and sell to the Automa.Net network and your customers using the AutomaSHOP solution - all with individual terms applied!

Top Security

ISO 27001 compliant, ensuring your data stays private, with robust multi-factor authentication and flexible access rights management.
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Request Board
bridging the gap between demand and supply

Discover and respond to active buyer requests on our Request Board. This feature allows you to effortlessly showcase and find hard-to-find parts, machines, or solutions. It's a powerful space for Automa.Net members to publicize special needs and receive targeted quotations, bridging the gap between demand and supply efficiently.
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ABC Industrial Parts Business Case. Industrial Electronics Solution Provider from Kruishoutem, Belgium

ABC Industrial Parts
Christoph Huysman
ABC Industrial Parts
Electronics Solution Provider
With Automa.Net, we generate hundreds of orders, reaching new customers globally and significantly boosting our revenue.
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Requests from 243 customers from 36 different countries. This greatly contributed to our expansive reach and customer base growth
€121,245 +
This partnership brought us 120k+ extra revenue. It's over 155 orders from 69 new customers in 20 different countries!
Products used:
  • Automa.Net
  • AutomaSHOP

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Who is Automa.Net? Are you owned by a distributor or manufacturer?

Automa.Net is a team of people experienced in designing, developing, and launching digital products for industrial markets. We are totally independent. We are not associated with any manufacturer, association, or distribution company. Read more about us here.

When did Automa.Net begin?

The official launch of Automa.Net took place on the 1st of March 2021. We now work with hundreds of industrial automation companies across the world. We have been in the business of helping industrial distributors since 2017. Marcin Krzączkowski, Automa.Net Founder, co-founded a similar site operating in the hydraulic and pneumatic sector.

Who can use Automa.Net

Automa.Net portal (portal.automa.net) is only available for registered users. To register an account at Automa.Net you need to be a representative of a company that buys industrial automation & electronic parts for further reselling or/and keep stock of industrial automation & electronic parts, we welcome all: Distributors, Brokers/Dealers, Wholesalers, Webshops, Marketplaces, System integrators.

Do you charge commission for sales we make through the site?

Absolutely not. This is what differs our business model from Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces. Sell and buy as much as you can and only pay a membership fee to access the community of industrial automation & electronic companies across the world.

What is you business model, where does the revenue come from?

Automa.Net is a membership business. It's a fixed fee to access our site, you can choose a plan that works for your business. The price difference depends on the number of users who will be using the tool simultaneously as well as the number of extra features you will choose to use.

I already have my favourite suppliers, I might use it but very rarely…

We do understand that over the years you have set up meaningful relationships with companies that you trade with most often. Automa.Net could help you take this relationship to the next level – some of your partners might be already at Automa.Net – you can even mark them as your favourite suppliers. The power of Automa.Net in cases like these is that you could now easily view always up to date parts availability information from your network of preferred suppliers as well as the rest of the market – in ONE view. You can also integrate this data into your infrastructure – meaning you need to only do one API integration and have all the parts availability data from hundreds of suppliers within your infrastructure.
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