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Nuova Elva srl

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Street: Via Baraggiola 10
Post code: 28010
City: Vaprio d’Agogna
Country: Italy

Nuova Elva srl

About Nuova Elva srl

Based in Italy's scenic Vaprio d'Agogna, NUOVA ELVA srl stands as a beacon of reliability in the industrial automation sector. With a rich history and unparalleled expertise, we pride ourselves on offering over 1.2 million premium components from globally recognized brands. From state-of-the-art sensors to durable motors, our inventory is vast and diverse. But we're more than just a product provider; our suite of tailored services, aligned with Industry 4.0 standards, are designed to supercharge productivity and reduce costs. Seeking unparalleled customer satisfaction? Trust in NUOVA ELVA's dedication to excellence.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Our Products

  • VVQ2000-10A-1 + EX245

  • VVQC1000-1A-D-C6

    VQC1000/2000, Manifold Block Assembly, VVQC1000-1A-D-C6

  • VVX230B03A


  • VVX230B04A


  • ZZQ104-BSC

    ZZQ1, Manifold Base for ZQ, Space Saving Vacuum...

  • ZK2-L-VW30-A

  • ZK2B15K5CL3A-06-B

  • ZK2B15K5CLA-06-B

    ZK2A Vacuum Unit, Single Unit Type Vacuum Generator,...

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Nuova Elva srl Services

  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Stock Management
  • Maintenance Solutions
  • Smart Energy
  • Repairs
  • Surplus Stock Purchasing
  • Consignment Goods
  • Training